It turns out that the "Wooden Cow Horse" really exists!

According to legend, one of Zhuge Kongming's greatest inventions was the "wooden oxen and flowing horses", which were...

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Establishing an intelligent tool clamp system

In metalworking, the accuracy and reliability of tool and work piece retention has a direct influence on the quality of...

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A brief insight into the packaging industry in Korea

Recently, Smithers Pira, an intelligence on the packaging, paper and print industry supply chains, reported that the...

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IO-Link -  Fundamental for Smart Manufacturing

The hot topic of the automation industry - Smart Factory


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Accelerate the digitalization of facilities with the new industry trend: Retrofit

What is Retrofit?

A retrofit solution is getting more and more attention to the public as a cost saving solution for...

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Machine vision market trends and Balluff Machine Vision

Industrial Cameras evolve to meet expanding machine vision needs in variety of areas and capabilities and...

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