Level detection sensor - Point Level & Continuous Level measurement

Posted by Young-Eun Jang on Dec 21, 2020 1:31:42 PM

Balluff offers a wide range of level monitoring sensors for measuring the level of containers used in the packaging and F&B processing industry. The sensor uses the light, capacitance, ultrasonic, magnetic, pressure, and other means for measurement. Depending on the operating principle of the sensor, the name of level monitoring sensor is specified - capacitive, ultrasonic, and photoelectric sensor, just to name a few.

The level monitoring sensor by and large can be categorized into two ways: point level detection and continuous level detection. It can be further specified as either "contact" or "non-contact" types. 


Point level detection


Fork sensor

Fork Sensor 

Fork sensor utilizes either red light or infrared light to detect the level of container. The sensor conveniently embodies a light transmitter and a light receiver that makes the installation easy for the users. 





Level Monitoring


Capacitive Sensor (Contact)

Capacitive sensor detect the level as the amount of capacitance changes in the electrical field around the active face of the sensor. This contact type is also called a "flush-type", which means it is buried under the surface of the material. 

Level Monitoring, Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive Sensor (Non-contact)

This non-contact type works the same way the contact type works. Since this type of sensor does not have to be in contact with the media, it is less hassle for users to put in place for immediate use. 






Continuous Level Detection

BTL Level sensor
Micropulse Transducer (Contact)

The contact type is typically comprised of a rod and a floating magnet. The change in position of the magnet along the rod gives the corresponding analog output in the range of either 0...10v or 4...20mA. It can also be suited to use in the hazardous and explosive environments with Ex-Approvals. 


magnetostrictive BTL sensor
Micropulse Transducer (Non-contact)

The solution is typically made in shape of long, rectangular block. We call it, "Profile-type". It is mounted on the surface of the container or a bypass pipe that pairs with a magnet floating on the liquid. The output can be in the range of 0...10v or 4...20mA




pressure sensorPressure Sensor

The sensor allows the operators to measure the level of container precisely by detecting the changes in pressure of the media. The pressure range can vary from -1 to 600 bar and it shows the measured value can be shown in terms of analog, digital, or IO-Link output. The LED display allows the visualization of the measure value. Our versions in the stainless steel housing are ideal for hygienic solutions. 



ultrasonic sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor

The sensor uses the ultrasonic to measure the level. It is less susceptible to the color, composition, texture of the media than other level monitoring sensor, making the ultrasonic sensor a preferable choice in certain circumstances. 





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