IO-Link -  Fundamental for Smart Manufacturing

Posted by Young-Eun Jang on Dec 21, 2020 2:04:24 PM
The hot topic of the automation industry - Smart Factory




It has been a while since the word "Smart" began to dominate everyday life, and many years have passed since the smart factory has also become a hot topic in a range of industries, including the automation industry. But for no particular reason, many people in the field still think it is difficult to implement smart factories. 


The smart factory model that companies pursue may be different, but horizontal integration of plant equipment, vertical integration from the lower sensor to upper ERP, and internet/IT integration are considered to be the common requirements. 


Sensor transmit the digital or analog outputs needed for a process in one direction; of the various sensors used in the machines, this is the commonly used type. While this might enable factories or equipment to run smoothly, to achieve smart factories we need smart sensors that can provide more data, and IO-Link is what enable an easy start in this direction. 

IO-Link - the easy way to start a Smart Factory

An interface solution for various industrial sensors and actuators, IO-Link enables more efficient use of data from sensors by upper-level systems through a "smart"connection between sensors/actuators and equipment. 


IO-Link is a point-to-point protocol that can utilize up to 32 bytes of data, and not only provides the basic information of the sensors but also ensure longevity prediction and effective operation operation/maintenance by checking performance and status information. The latest products in this line perform self-diagnosis as well as collect diagnostics information about installation/application environments. 


Another advantage of IO-Link is the ease of sensor configuration during installation via the controllers. It also allows automatic parameter setting through IO-Link Master, enabling a replacement process that reduces recovery downtime, thereby increasing productivity. 


IO-Link, the smart solution, is also easy to apply in the field. As IO-Link uses the same standard input/output cable that industrial facilities commonly use, it allows for easy updates in existing production facilities. IO-Link enable the reliable use of analog signals as well, without any impact on the external environment. 

IO-Link Smart Factory Interface

When we consider about Smart Factories, the upper level system (IT) tend to be the priority. IT is important depending on the needs, however, it can only be effectively operated when field data is able to be horizontally/vertically integrated. This is why applying IO-Link should be reviewed and executed foremost. 


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