Network Blocks for Assembly and Conveyor Technology

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For Ethernet/IP – with 4 A outputs.

EIP conveyor belt


These network blocks for Ethernet/IP have been especially designed with multiple ports of 4 A output current for assembly and conveyor technology. The module lets you operate 24 V DC motors and electric stoppers directly through the Ethernet/IP block. This means a single network block can handle all your tasks on the conveyor belt, so you can reduce the number of different modules, enjoy great application flexibility, and save money.


The die-cast zinc housing and IP67 protection means the block can be installed outside the control cabinet to accommodate any system architecture. This makes the modules especially ideal for automated assembly applications. These IO-Link masters use Ethernet/IP to communicate directly with your controller or the control unit on your machine.


EIP new products


Our network blocks for Ethernet/IP also stand out with their user-friendliness. They allow you to bundle your signals, record and track data or display operating status.

You can also block IP addresses to protect from unauthorized changes. This increases your security and simplifies maintenance.





  • Multiple ports with 4 A output current for direct connection of 24 V DC motors, electric stoppers, etc.
  • Save time and money with quick installation and easy integration into existing networks
  • Integrated web server for configuration and display of module information
  • (IP address, settings, parameters, etc.)
  • Simple block replacement with innovative address plug
  • Clear display shows additional information (version, IP address, module name, etc.)





Interface Ethernet/IP  Ethernet/IP
Operating voltage UB 18...30.2 V DC 18...30.2 V DC
Connection COM 1 M12 female, 4-pin, D-coded M12 female, 4-pin, D-coded
Connection COM 2 M12 female, 4-pin, D-coded M12 female, 4-pin, D-coded
Connection supply voltage in 7/8" male, 4-pin 7/8" male, 4-pin
Connection supply voltage out 7/8" female, 4-pin  
Connection slots 8 × M12 female, 5-pin, A-coded 4 × M12 female, 5-pin, A-coded
Digital inputs 16 × PNP, Typ 3 8 × PNP, Typ 3
Digital outputs 16 × PNP 8 × PNP
Configurable inputs/outputs Yes Yes
Output current max 4 A at port 00/01 and port 08/09,
2 A at all other ports
4 A at port 01 and port 02,
2 A at all other ports
Current sum sensor/actuator 9 A 9 A
Housing material Zinc, die-casting Zinc, die-casting
Dimension 68 × 37.9 × 224 mm 37 × 32.6 × 224 mm
Ambient temperature –5...70 °C –40...70 °C
Protection degree IP67 IP67
Auxiliary interfaces 8 × IO-Link 4 × IO-Link
IO-Link version 1.1 1.1
Port-class Type A Type A



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