MICROmote, Optical sensor beyond Fiber sensor

Posted by Young-Eun Jang on Dec 21, 2020 1:34:25 PM

Optical Sensor, Fiber Sensor


Photo-electric sensors that use light laser as a media can detect relatively long distances, and unlike proximity sensors, they are not limited to metal and can detect most objects such as paper, wood, and plastic, so they are widely used in current automation configurations. In addition, it uses high-speed light and is composed of electronic circuits, so it has the advantage of quick response and can be used without the influence of magnetic fields.


The optical sensor that combines such a photo-electric sensor and optical fiber is an optical fiber sensor, and the optical fiber sensor can be installed in a compact spaces and also used in severe environments. It is widely used for the detection on small installation spaces and small objects. 


The optical fiber sensor can be installed within the radius of curvature (bending) allowance, by using optical fiber, but the fiber cable has a disadvantages, that the optical transmission rate gradually decreases as the fiber cable is bent, and might be damaged if it exceeds the allowable radius of curvature. The allowable radius of curvature is usually determined by the radius of the cable, and thus damage often occurs during installation and replacement in a small space. 


In addition, a separate lens may be required when a small spot is required because the emission angle of light, transmitting through the optical fiber is relatively large. 


Technical alternative for fiber sensor, MICROmote Sensor

Dimensions of just 1.5mm, Tensile strength of 90kg 



Small but Powerful! MICROmote sensor is a product that technically replaces the disadvantages of fiber sensor, while maintaining advantages of optical fiber sensor; by replace the existing optical fiber sensor with a cable and an ultra-precision LED light source, it can be installed in a narrow space with an ultra-thin sensor head and LED light spot. 


By replacing the existing optical fiber with a cable, it can be installed without any restrictions on the allowable curvature, and the tensile strength of 90 kg (based on the cable diameter of 1.8mm) enables flexible installation compared to the optical fiber sensor and less risk of damage. 


With the sensor head size of minimum 1.5mm, the MICROmote sensors are ideal in small installation spaces, and the light source used for the sensor head has a higher concentration compared to general LEDs, so it can be used to detect small objects. 


With the characteristic of these MICROmote sensors, this product is suitable for installing sensors in a narrow space, like a semiconductor manufacturing process, and the main environment of the semiconductor manufacturing process is vacuum. And if vacuum sensor is required, a vacuum environment MICROmote sensor can also be selected. 


The sensor head can be selected from a various product ranges to the installation environment and purpose of use, and it can be used in various combinations with separate amplifier.


✔️Product in recommendation 

BOH009U (in Vacuum environment) : Micromote - optical sensor heads

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