How everyone can visualize the production process - regardless of nationality or experience

Posted by Hirokazu Tsunoda on Nov 24, 2020 5:22:45 PM

It is all made possible with Balluff's LED Stack Light SmartLights.

As IIoT and Industry4.0 become more popular, data acquisition from production process, device and environment are now required. Since this data can be used for process quality but also for predictive maintenance purposes, it has now become a requirement to make such data visible for every production field worker.


HMI is the ideal device for display detail information for workers. HMI is incredible flexible when it comes to displaying various information. However, it is necessary for the worker to be physically present to read the displayed information. Also, it is considered troublesome when multiple languages need to be displayed in tables or graphs. This requires some effort when it comes to drawing or programming on the screen. 

The stack light, which is installed on the machine or equipment, is ideal for visualizing status from a distance by combination of color and flash patterns. However, the color and flashing pattern is limited as a display. It is limited to information at points such as caution and warning, rather than showing linear information such as transient information.

Level mode is integrated into the Balluff LED stack light SmartLight. It produces LED lights in stages based on the process data collected from sensor. With the level mode you can recognize the status which is usually not easy to recognize from a distance. At a glance and in real time, you can see the status of flow levels, process medium pressure levels and production process progresses. This will significantly cut down the time that the worker previously spent on to check the status step by step. This allows you to see the status of your entire production process and prepare in advance for the next action to be taken.




Balluff categorizes this SmartLight as "HMI". This means the equivalent information of a HMI can be provided wherever you are.

You can find more details about the product selection of Balluff SmartLights here.

Topics: process monitoring, visualization, smartlight, availability, pressure, level, flow

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