CC-Link IE Field Basic Network Block with IO-Link

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Easy to implement and gain the IO-Link advantages

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The CC-Link IE Field Basic network block is compatible with 100 Mbit Ethernet devices and provides optimal performance in applications where gigabit speed is not required. This makes CC-Link IE Field Basic ideal for meeting requirements of the so-called low automation level, such as bar loading magazines.


CIB productsOur CC-Link IE Field Basic BNI module features IO-Link, giving you the advantages of IO-Link in a CC-Link IE Field Basic network, including device detection to enable automatic transmission of parameter and configuration data.

You benefit from simple integration, faster startup and comprehensive monitoring capabilities based on thorough diagnostics. Altogether, you increase efficiency while significantly lowering overall costs.




  • Adds CC-Link IE compatibility with 100 Mbit Ethernet devices
  • Supports Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP)
  • Flexibly uses data ranges by controlling two to five stations
  • Shows convenient diagnostics using LEDs for port and module status
  • Readied for harsh environments with a rugged IP67 metal housing





Interface Interface CC-Link IE Field Basic
Operating voltage UB 18...30.2 V DC
Connection COM 1 M12 female, 4-pin, D-coded
Connection COM 2 M12 female, 4-pin, D-coded
Connection supply voltage in 7/8" male, 5-pin
Connection supply voltage out 7/8" female, 5-pin
Connection slots 8 × M12 female, 5-pin, A-coded
Digital inputs 16 × PNP, Typ 3
Digital outputs 16 × PNP
Configurable inputs/outputs Yes
Output current max 2 A
Current sum sensor/actuator 9 A
Housing material Zinc, die-casting
Dimension 68 × 37.9 × 224 mm
Ambient temperature –5...70 °C
Protection degree IP67
Auxiliary interfaces 8 × IO-Link
IO-Link version 1.1
Port-class Type A



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