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Balluff hydraulic pitch control for a more sensitive "windbreaker"

Posted by Balluff on Oct 21, 2020 4:47:35 PM

There is a certain feeling associated with the image of a wind turbine leisurely rotating in nature, whether it's with greenery in the background or the endless sea - advanced human technology paired with mother nature, a sign of incredible advancement and yet it seems so harmonious. 





A More Reliable Hydraulic Pitch Control 

As we all know, wind turbines are not just used to view the "scenery", but to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, and then into electrical energy. But the direction of the wind never stays the same, and at the same time the wind turbine must face the wind direction to maximize the use of wind energy. Therefore, the turbine must be able to follow the direction of the wind by adjusting the nacelle direction with a pitching system in order to keep the turbine frontal to the wind.


Hydraulic pitch systems are widely used in various types of wind turbine equipment due to their high transmission torque, light weight, accurate positioning and fast dynamic response of the actuator. In particular, when the hydraulic pitch system is combined with a pitch controller to achieve automatic control of the hydraulic pitch system, it not only moves more accurately with the wind, but also drives more smoothly.




Comprehensive wind power solutions 

Balluff has been deeply involved in the wind power industry for many years, and maintains close cooperation with advanced manufacturers and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry, and understands the needs and pain points of wind power users.



For hydraulic pitch control, Balluff has developed the BTL magnetostrictive linear displacement sensor for hydraulic cylinders. The system is equipped with a slurry pitch adjustment function, which allows the rotor blade angle to be accurately adjusted to the wind speed, thus increasing power generation and ensuring system reliability. This product is not only excellent in terms of performance, and low maintenance, but also has a high pressure resistance of 600 bar, which makes it outstanding even under severe conditions.


In addition, Balluff's level monitoring, sensor and automation solutions are also suitable for the wind power industry.


It is well known that the expansion tank of a fan cooling system as well as the gearbox and hydraulic system should always maintain an optimum level of fluid. Balluff's capacitive sensors detect the highest and lowest liquid levels without direct contact, either through the vessel wall or using an adapter. This solution is demonstrated in this liquid level monitoring display case, where the sensor is mounted in the sump and acts as a leak sensor to reliably report oil leaks and increase the safety of your gearbox, hydraulic and cooling systems.


The Product showcase displays Balluff's star products for wind power applications, while the Automation Solutions showcase demonstrates Balluff's outstanding ability to provide customized solutions for wind energy customers.


The features of the system are as follows:
  • HALT-tested capacitance sensors.
  • Measurement through plastic walls.
  • Testing oil and water.


展柜 - 液位监测   展柜 - 自动化解决方案

Balluff liquid level monitoring display cabinet


Balluff Automation Solutions showcase


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